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History and Mission

Leadership University College (LUC) is an educational trust dedicated to provide chances of tertiary education to disadvantaged rural students in Bangladesh. In establishing the LUC, the only mission that has driven the founder and Chairman Dr. Rashid Raashed is what he claims to be "the dire need to building bridges between professional knowledge and skills of future Muslim leaders in science and technology on the one hand and their formal training in the issues of Islamic Daw'ah and Shari'ah on the other". The allegation that Islam is not capable of keeping pace with issues and tastes of modern world has led to the campaign that Muslims are not tolerant towards other faiths and creeds. In many instances we find that Muslims are no less ignorant of Islam than non-Muslims. This problem is rather acute among the most self styled contemporary Muslim leaders, both on state and community levels, who due to the vacuum or driven by self interest are promoted as true leaders. The relationship based on ignorance and distrust has led to many frictions, wars and bloodsheds. Unfortunately, the trend is growing and so is the divide between Muslim masses and their leaders on the one hand and between the Muslim and non-Muslim camps on the other!

To our judgement, the relationship based on professional training and authentic knowledge about Islam would dispel these rumours. Leadership University College is therefore, a movement of integrative knowledge and education as above rather than an individual effort on its own merit. It aims at creating future leaders who would promote global tolerance, peace and harmony between Muslim communities themselves and between them and non-Muslims. From his experience of living in the West for last 20 years, Dr. R. Raashed believes that to put Islam in perspective with the issues of life and living in the 21st century, Islamic leaders must combine their professional skills with this type of dualistic learning and scholarship. It is for this reason that the Leadership University College has deliberately adopted its identity slogan as: "Leadership through Academic Excellence, Service to Humanity and Islamic Practice"! The academic slogan of LUC is also quite revealing of its mission and the nature thereof: "Quality Alone Drives Us".

The Chairman Dr. Raashed further maintains that trained as above, socio-politically aware and alert about cross-cultural issues of importance and concerns to all, contemporary Muslim leaders must know how to present Islam to the world within the limits of respecting the choices of others and cohabiting with them at the same time. It is within this limit that the chairman interprets the golden policy of Islam that "freedom of choice is the bed rock of Da'wah ila Allaah and Islam never imposes itself on others". The effort of LUC to take on the mission of building rapport, understanding, peace and harmony among the global Muslim and non-Muslim communities should indeed, be commended.

We aim at facilitating the vision of integrative education and learning by providing our graduates a Diploma in Information Technology (System Administration). The graduates will then be articulated in the university degree in I.T. from one of many Australian universities under the applicable regimes of Diploma to Degree (D2T) 100% credit transfer or "Degree Link". The initial diploma is to be issued by the Technical and Further Education Commission (TAFE) which is a subsidiary to the New South Wales Government's Department of Education and Training in Australia. Leadership University College is contractually bound with the TAFE NSW to deliver this programme at Moheshkhali Cox's Bazar where the Australian Director of Studies (DOS) will be physically and continuosly present at the campus of LUC. This has been a deliberate choice by the two parties to ensure that no compromise has been made in both the content and quality of the programme. We believe that Australia as a nation and government, (NSW State and Federal) would enjoy a special status of warmth and respect deep in the hearts of millions of disadvantaged rural parents in Bangladesh for extending this world class educational facility to their sons and daughethers!

Along with this diploma and where both applicable and possible, Muslim students will also be taught a parallel course on Islamic legal issues and the global socio-political themes. In most cases, this arrangement of compulsory learning will be undertaken under the theme of "Real Life Issues". Pursuant to the completion of this course, a Diploma will also be issued to our graduates in Islamic Da`wah and Leadership Training by the academic senate of LUC. Where applicable and possible, non-Muslim students will (...) have a choice to study religious and moral values of their own faiths. At LUC we envisage an environment of learning where both Muslim and non-Muslim students are being given equal rights and opportunites to compete for academic excellence. In achieving this we want them develop professional relationship based on mutual respect and recognition and who, above all else, would learn to live as peers and colleagues. For today's global community to enjoy life in peace and harmony, we see this vision as a dire necessity rather than a matter of choice!